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  • Looking for a way to attract commercial clients? Try the 504 loan. Healthy businesses, which plan to invest in equipment or real estate for their own use, could qualify for attractive financing using the 504 loan program - in a way that can help you meet policy and regulatory guidelines. The key advantages to the 504 program for your financial institution:  

    You have first lien position with low loan-to-value, minimizing your collateral risk. You make your own credit decision and use your own loan documentation. There is no SBA paperwork for you to complete, yet you can comply with CRA. You set your own rate and fees.

    By partnering with Lakeshore 504, we can make the process easy. We will work with you and your client to tailor a financing package that meets program guidelines and credit criteria of your client. We work directly with your client to package, process, close, and service the 504 loan.

  • February Interest Rates

    20 Year Loan Rate - 4.60%

    10 Year Loan Rate - 4.59%